In today’s world many people live a hectic life, occupying themselves with the daily routines, running from place to place often not realising where they have been.

To get away from this daily stress I love being outdoors.  Walking through nature or a city, experiencing the environment I enjoy to concentrate on the things I see while taking photos. It makes me forget everything else.

On this website you wil see various items. Some series made with a concept, Portfolio items and some daily shoots.

Of course traveling to exotic place is interesting and fun, but not necessarily required. The simplest things we tend to walk by in our daily lives can often be the most gorgeous, only when seen.

With some of my pictures I would like to show you that those beautiful things can be found almost anywhere and in sometimes the most unexpected places, just around the corner.

I try to update this page on a regular base with new work, so feel free to come back and let me know what you think of it.

Thank you for making time to visit my site and I hope you enjoy the pictures I shared.


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