Today the route would go about 1200 meters up. And at times straight up. Over all the route was very well marked but at two spots today I had to guess a little where to find the next marker. 

It was a nice walk up over various terrain that showed to be challenging at times. The cows had made deep holes I the mushy wet ground. And with one wrong step I was 20 cm into the mud. 

Luckily there are plenty of streams to wash off my boots. 

The morning was excellent for walking. It was warm but not very sunny. The clouds were low and going up to 1900 I was at the same height as the clouds. Reaching the top was good and gave another nice view of the area. But being up that high and sweating it was good to have my jacket with me to keep me warm while taking a short break.

At the top some of the locals were there for maintenance. Later on, when going down, you could see the they had freshly painted some of the rocks on the ground, indicating the route.

Going down it warmed up again and the jacket returned to the backpack.

The hotel I arrived at was the Steinberger hotel. 

It was perfect. After a large apple juice with water I went up to my room and took a fresh shower. 

Time to take a rest. I slept for an hour before waking up and going to dinner. 

The food was perfect. Finally a nice proper meal. Even though this was part of a the room and board, this was cooked with care. You could see it and taste it.

Again I took another glass of wine up to my room and watched some tv. 

I slept early as there was nothing on tv and I was tired. 

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