Breakfast was at 8:00. Of course I was a little early again but it was ok. 

I ate enough, more than I would normally do. Then again I had a 20 km walk ahead. 

The mountain today was ok.  It was about 9 km upwards but only had a few steep areas. Most of the way up was good to do. Here I had again a short talk with a local farmer. As good as I could with the German I speak and dialect I can understand we talked for a bit before going up again through the Alpen roses. A nice steep way to the top. 

At the top I even saw some snow. It was so unexpected and beautiful to see. 

I had my sandwich while sitting in the sun and relaxing my feed in the sun. 

The way was smooth today. Some beautiful sights passing by and although here and there the clouds were covering the sun, no rain fell.

When I went for a walk in the afternoon, I saw some of my other KAT-Walk companions arrive while I was talking to Martin, a local firefighter. Friendly as he was he explained to me a bit about the village and the evening fire drill. 

I filled up my canteens with fresh cold water whenever possible. I needed it. It was warm and the route was long. At the end I had walked 20km from hotel to hotel. 

About an hour before I reached the hotel, almost completely down the mountain I had to cool my left foot in the nice cold mountain stream. Good thing I did. It felt like it was burning so sometimes the cold water is your best friend. 

The hotel I reached at was big. Especially for the little town I was at. A church 20 houses and 4 hotels or so. It was nice. 

Arriving I first took a nice dive into the pool. Excellent way to cools down. It started to rain a little.  Perfect. 

The dinner was ok. Nothing spectacular but good. But what is it with setting an extra paper napkin and some cutlery on the table. 

They had exactly set out all covers and that was the place you had to sit. Even when the whole restaurant was empty I had to sit on the silly place. This would be the same at some of the other places. Perhaps I am the only one who thinks about this, having a hospitality background.

What to do.  Eat pay for the drink and go to my room to watch the F1 race.

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