It started raining so time to continue writing. It smells wonderful the rain. The almost sweet thick smell of the rain in the warm air. Fantastic. 

I am sitting on the terrace again in front of my hotel. My suitcase had arrived a bit late but got there as well as my iPhone plug which I had left in the hotel yesterday morning. 

Thanks to the driver who makes the tour I got it again. 

With the pleasure of a cup of coffee and a lousy strudel I am sitting here. The strudel was microwaved. How sad. No fresh vanilla sauce. A bit of disappointment. Are my demands that high? I don’t think so. I take it as normal… serving a proper product with care and attention. Luckily the rest of the culinary experiences of the hotel were ok.

So where had I left with the story.

I had a good nights rest and left the hotel a relatively light breakfast before heading out again for a day of walking. 

As my iPhone charging cable had broken I had decided not to walk all way down but take the lift down from the top. I thought I had this would enable me to go to Innsbruck to go and buy another iPhone cable. Little I knew that the local photography store was selling not only photographic equipment, but also lots of other electronic devices and cables. Problem solved.

Still. I had waked about 12km and enough climbing for one day. 

It was an ok walk. Maybe I was just tired or I don’t know what happend, but I was getting a little bored with it. The views aren’t as spectacular as I had hoped for as wasn’t the variety of sceneries. 

What is it with all the flies here in Austria. Is it because of all the cows? No. Even In Kitzbühel here on the terrace the flies are everywhere. It is getting annoying, but I take it as a sign of better cleaner air and a healthier nature, so therefore love it. 

I will charge the coffee and strudel to my room and go for a walk. 

Tomorrow I will have another day and end up in St. Johann in Tirol. Wednesday I won’t walk but I will use be hotel guest card to travel to a bigger city. 

Perhaps Innsbruck or back to Salzburg. I want to do some sight seeing. Have seen enough of the trail. 

I walked into the dining room and was shown my table. I was sitting on a wall long couch with a small table in front of me. Next to me there was an British couple who I think like to talk. Within no time I will as talking to them about my vacation and he was showing maps with hiking routes and telling me where to go and not go. They have been here for their 16th year. Some of which there were two times a year. The must know the area quite well. 

I walked around town for a bit and went to the churches / chapels to have a look and light a candle like I always do.  

Dinner was only served at 19:00 so I had time left to spare to chat with some friends. 

When looking around the room I noticed many British people. Mostly older people for me that term would mean people between their 70-80 ties. 

The dinner was good. A 5-course meal but I made it 4 and still had more than enough to eat. I am not used to eat that much. At home I just have a main course and some dessert. Never another salad and soup before.

But it was good. I enjoyed the quality of the food and service was good. Time for one more glass of wine to take to my room. 

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