The whole night it rained and I woke up just after midnight because a large group of young people passed underneath my window. They were loud. 

I got up and had breakfast. At my “own“ table of course. Everybody has their own table. The bill from last night waiting for me to pay. 

The bill paid and my bags packed I leave the hotel to go to the train station. I took the train to Schwaz where I wanted to visit an old silver mine. 

From the station I had to walk through the rain. Forgot to ask if there was a bus. Normally not that bad but it was warm.

On the way there I looked out for a possible car who could take me. But no luck. I arrived wet twice. My trousers from the rain and my body from the sweaty rain jacket. How clam it can be. 

I bought a ticket and had time spare to sort of cool down while waiting for me train into the mountain. 

I had a coffee in the nearby restaurant and then proceeded to the gathering point. We were allowed inside and were given a few mins to find a hard hat and a nice silver color rain jacket. Again? 

After walking about a 100 meters towards the entrance of the mountain we all had to take place on a small train. To funny. It looked like an attraction of the Efteling, an entertainment park in the Netherlands. 

We were driven deep into the mountain but the 800 meters were passed by fast. It’s unbelievable how people made this hundreds of years ago.  By hand hacking 0,5 cm a day through the hard rocks. Hundreds of people carrying bags of water up ladders to keep the area dry. 

It was an impressive tour.

When arriving outside again we got “hit” by the warm temperatures and humid weather conditions.

A few minutes later I did find a bus that would take me to the station again, from which I took a train to Rattenberg. Here I visited the Kisslinger glass shop. The shop itself was quite impressive with a large variety of glass items.

You could also see two men working and creating some of the items that were made in mass production. 

Mass production for as much as you can talk about that with glass items. The men were not communicating with any of the people there watching, explaining what they were doing. Instead they, so it seemed anyway, carelessly producing the title swans that you could buy in the shop.

Of course, for 9,00 euro you can’t expect a perfect swan, but I could not help it noticing the huge variety of swan heads and wing ends. Then again… perhaps I am the only one who noticed. It still doesn’t take away from the craftsmanship of the men producing them. Have a look around the shop and you can’t be anything less than impressed with what was made there.

Nevertheless it was very nice shop and Rattenberg is definitely worth another visit. As i did not want to arrive too late in my last hotel, and because of the lousy weather, I did not have/took the opportunity to have another look around the historic center. perhaps next time.

Arriving back at the station of Fieberbrunn, I took the last bus back to the hotel, where I had parked my car.

That evening I enjoyed my time drinking some wine with my new German friends who had walked the tour as well and were a few times int eh same hotel as I was.

The next morning, after a good night sleep, I packed my car and drove off. Back to holland, back home.

I had been an interesting vacation and I have seen many things. Was it the best vacation ever? No.. it wasn’t but surely Austria is a beautiful country where I will return for more vacations to come.

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