Breda Floats

This year was the 5th time Breda Drijft (Breda Floats) was organised. How lucky they were with the weather. For the last 6 weeks it had not rained and the temperatures were around the 30 degrees Celsius. Perfect summer weather to organise this event.

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The Coulissen Breda

In the heart of Breda there is the Chassé theater with behind it the Coulissen. The apartment blocks in combination with the theatre and the casino make a nice area to take some pictures.

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Belle Perez

Every year Palm beer organises music events called "Palm Parkies". It's an evening filled with music, and of course Palm beer,  that takes place in the Valkenberg Park in Breda. The bands vary in style so everybody will have an evening with music of their likings. This evening we had the pleasure of welcoming Belle Perez, a Belgium singer, to Breda. Here you

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Snow in Breda

Is has been years since we had some snow in Breda, so when it actually started snowing again this weekend I had to make the most of it. It was a great opportunity to take my new camera and give it a go. With all the snow coming down there were some people passing through the park.

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