Here you will find some pictures which I took during my vacation in Austria. The first part is about my days in Lofer, and then pictures will follow about the KAT-walk.

KAT Walk Day 1
KAT Walk Day 2
KAT Walk Day 3
KAT Walk Day 4
KAT Walk Day 5
KAT Walk Day 6


Here you will find some pictures which I took during my vacation in the Philippines.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


A mobile phone. Nowadays it is a piece of advanced technology which we can’t live without. Almost all of us owns one.
With this series, I show you that some people get so lost in the moment with their mobile, that they will stop walking or sit on a bench just to keep their concentration on their mobile.

That is the moment I captured.

I was standing so close to them, but none of the people in this series had any recognition of the fact that I photographed them

(Im)Mobile Moment


Sushi is made in many shapes and varieties. But if you look a little bit closed at all, you see that there are a few processes that always return.

Something gets cooked, something gets shaped and something gets cut.

With this series, it is these actions that I want to show you, but on a different way than you will see mostly on the internet.



This was the first time I tried to make a series with a concept in mind.  “A day out the life from…” is of course a common theme, but for me it had to have a bit more meaning than that.

I made this series about my dad. My mom had passed away 2 years ago and now my dad has to do everything by himself.  When reviewing the series afterwards, it turned out that is was maybe more about my mom than about my dad.

All she had been for him, the love of his life is now gone to heaven.

Day out of Life
Gewoon Doen


Milton comes from Colombia where he used to sport a lot to stay fit. Having the guts to leave everything behind, he came to the Netherlands to start a new life.

Sports being an important part of his life, it was continued also here in the Netherlands. Although not (yet) at the old professional level.

At work people were joking about the “Singelloop “, a run in Breda. With an tone of “surely you won’t run ”, Milton was asked to participate as well. To everybody’s surprise he just said “Yes”.

See here his story.


With this series, I would like to show you that in this digital society there is still place for human contact and a personal moment. Even on the street with a stranger.

Who doesn’t like to receive some attention? Who doesn’t like the acknowledgement that they exist?

By taking a picture I have tried to give a stranger a moment of attention and to show them that I did see them.

A smile given and received. A moment of personal contact that can do wonders for your mood for the rest of the day and doesn’t cost a thing.

Feel free to try it ….