A mobile phone. Nowadays it is a piece of advanced technology which we can’t live without. Almost all of us owns one.

We do everything through this device. We chat (calling and texting is so old fashion), use apps, keep track of our appointments, surf the internet, use it for maps and GPS and of course video and photograph.

The technical advancements in almost everything we do have contributed to our current way of life. We experience more than we ever did before and in many different ways. Information has to be available immediately on our mobile, regardless of where we go.

Waiting is not acceptable anymore. Or is it?

In my last series, I showed you that paying attention to a stranger can be a rewarding moment. People smiled when their existence was acknowledged. Now I will show you the opposite.

With this series, I show you that some people get so lost in the moment with their mobile, that they will stop walking or sit on a bench just to keep their concentration on their mobile.

That is the moment I captured.

Sometimes this moment lasted just a few seconds, other times several minutes.

I was standing so close to them, but none of the people in this series had any recognition of the fact that I photographed them.

There you go. Just when you are focused on your mobile and lost to the rest of the world around you, there is still somebody that is watching you.

Shall we have a look?

(Im)Mobile Moment