The same person who had picked up from the Airport was also bring us back. All perfectly arranged, as was the flight back to Manila.

We arrived in the afternoon and had booked this time a different hotel. The best way to travel to the hotel was by taxi. But….a taxi is a car and you guest it… cars get stuck in traffic. It took us hours before we finally reached the hotel. I can vouch, the air-conditioning of the car worked perfect. By all means I could have asked the guy to deliver fish deep into the country side hahaha it looked more like a refrigerator than a taxi. I was happy when we arrived at the hotel and could warm up again.

The next day things didn’t quite work out as planned. So time to do something else. Instead of enjoying the city, relaxing and doing nothing after the days and traveling we had done, we decided to go and visit Tagatay. To have lunch there and perhaps spend some time there walking around or visiting the volcano. The plan was to go by car, but as I said, somethings things go differently and we ended up in the bus. Yes..a bus. There are busses and busses but this was like a line service stopping at numerous places to pick up people. It did have airco and was a great experience just being in traffic. Like I always say, “if you look well, there is always something to see.”. We arrived in Tagatay and went to the restaurant as planned. Where we were expecting this to be a super lunch; the food did not match the quality of the view.

The view was perfect, but next time I will go to one of the other places. The simple mango pancakes from the resort and service we experienced there was by far exceeding the service experienced here. Then again… without lows there can’t be highs.

After lunch, during which it started raining, we decided to go back to Manila. So back in to the bus and waiting until we get back. Having internet doesn’t help much. I was able to see exactly where we were riding and how far we were still away from our destination.

The fun part is that even in this normal line service bus, there was a tv. So all passengers would not miss anything from their favourite soap.

And of course there is no need to get hungry as plenty of salesmen entered the bus, only to ride for a few stops trying to sell their products and hope to take the next bus back.

We arrived in the dark in the suburbs of Manila. With traffic getting worse this time of day and our hotel being located still too far to walk, we had to think of a different solution. So… what to do in the middle of a rainy street with dozens of people trying to get a jeepney or some other kind of transportation. The train station was still too far to walk, but too close for a taxi driver to bring us. So, with paying double the rate, he would bring us to the station. What to do. it’s raining and you want to go home.

Don’t think we got ripped off. Perhaps we paid too much, but compared to Dutch rates it was still cheap, so no complaints.

The funny part is that although it was raining, it wasn’t bordering us at all. Perhaps because of the nice temperatures and knowing we were going back to the hotel.

TRAIN for everybody or only woman.

Arriving at the train station, although it was dark already, my eyes opened up again. My God, how busy can it be at a station.

Although the line was long, we got our tickets in just a few minutes. No problem there so in no time we were on our way to the platform.

Was I tired, not paying attention or what. Listen to this.

When walking towards the platform there was a huge line on the left-hand side. So, being Dutch and not wanting to wait that long we followed the other crowd to the right. At least that line was moving fast.

When we finally got into the train and we were on our way to our destination station, I suddenly noticed something. Being a little taller than most Philippinas it was easy to oversee the train cabin and I asked.. Where are all the guys we were in line with? Hahaha it was only right there and then that we realized that we were standing in a woman only carriage. Seriously, I had no idea and only when in it already, I noticed. I have to say… the Philippinos are very friendly and polite. Even when we made some stops at the stations in-between the 1st and our destination, even when the men who worked at the station as a guide or station guard, nobody told me to leave the carriage. Not one person, male or female. No one at the stations. Either they were polite or thinking that this crazy tourist didn’t know any better.

I like to think the first, that they were all too polite to tell me off.

Back to the train and all the ladies surrounding me. We got on the train at the first station, making it possible to travel relatively fast. At each stop, the doors would open and only a few people would get off, allowing also just a few to get on. Looking at the long, long, very long line of people waiting to go home, I can only admire their patience. Trains come and go, but if you are with hundreds waiting and I have to guess now every 5-10 minutes or so only 40-50 or so would get on, you can imagine that they would not be home before the soup gets served. Honey.. your dinner is in the oven.

After an intense and interesting day, experiencing many new things I was glad to be in the hotel again and get some rest for the next day travel schedule.