My Trip to the Philippines.

Please allow me to straight away answer a few questions I was asked a lot, so after that I can tell you all about this wonderful trip I had.

  • Was it a great vacation? Yes.. it was one of the best vacations ever.

  • Do you like the country? I like it a lot, but I know and feel I have not seen nowhere near enough yet. There are many more beautiful sites I would like to visit.

  • How were the people? Most hospitable and super friendly.

  • Would you go back? I would love to be there right now, traveling through the entire country.

  • Was it safe. Absolutely …

  • Did you take some great pictures? Not as many as I would have liked to. I was on vacation and not a photo trip. If photography was my sole purpose I would have taken many more pics. Nevertheless, I have got some great pictures.

  • Did you get food poisoning? Thank God no.. but there was no reason to. I have eaten the most delicious food and tried all kinds of restaurants and places.

  • Did you eat Ballut? Hahahahaha sorry.. I wasn’t ready for that yet.

What better way to start your journey into the Philippines then in Manila. You would probably arrive there at the airport anyway, so why not take the time to explore the city a little.

Over the course of my vacation I have seen a few different areas from Manilla. With Makati as my absolute favourite. I can’t quite describe what it was. The way it looked (most modern), the people, the shops, the restaurants? … It must be a combination of all what made me feel so at ease there.

I like to write for you about this trip, but it won’t be description of each area. For more information one some of these areas and attractions, I have included some Wikipedia links that will tell you all about it.

On the coming pages, I like to describe a little what it was like to be there. A little background information behind the pictures I took and to take you with me on this wonderful trip.

Similar to the rest of my website; just click on a picture to see all of them from that page.

This monument in the middle of Manilla is located at a big park. It was on the first day after we arrived in Manilla. We? yes. I wasn’t traveling alone but was very fortunate to travel with someone who fluently speaks the language and had planned the trip perfectly.

Having someone with you that knows where to go and where not, someone that speaks the language makes all the difference in the world. I don’t think.… I know for sure that I would not have had the same experience when traveling alone and am very happy and grateful that I didn’t have to.

Like I said, it was the first day, so time to acclimate I didn’t have yet. It was hot…very hot. But it didn’t keep us from walking around the area exploring its sights.

We walked through the statue garden where the execution of José Rizal is exhibited. Later you will see more pictures of him taken in a museum at the fort.


From the park, it was only a few minutes to one of the oldest areas of Manila, INTRA MUROS (

In this area are some of the first and fines schools of Manilla located and are still operational. We were driven around the area, provided with some extra information at each of the stops we made.

Driven around? Yes…. walking would take too long and it was to hot.

During my vacation I was fortunate to explore all kinds of transportation. Bike-tricycle, motor-tricycle, taxi, metro-train, inland flights, I have been on a bus, a boat, a touring car and have driven a car and motorcycle. I think that covers almost everything.

Walking over the walls you can see how the city around it has grown and what it must have been in the days that these were still used for defending its inner city.

One of the old weapon depots built within these great wide walls was used as a prison in the second world war. Being in it, with this heat, you can’t imagine how it must have been being there with hundreds of other people locked up.

So, thank God it took only one step to be outside again and within a few mins I was in the comfort of the air-conditioned museum located at the fort. (

Driving around within INTRA MUROS we visited many places. It is worth a visit and the time to have a look.

Within one monastery we were walking around and the smell within one of the corridors was telling us that someone was working here. And yes, there he was.

When walking around the corning I could see him sitting on the floor, waxing it by hand, tile by tile. I had to take a picture of this man, with which he had no problem. Amazing… where here in Holland we would have used a big machine to clean the floor, this guy was waxing it by hand.