When we watch the news, and see that all around us bombs go off; that people have to flee for their lives; that people react negatively towards those who are “different”, you can’t deny the fact that our society is changing and becoming less tolerant every day.

Not only because of how other people act or because of what happens somewhere else, the world is changing. If we look at ourselves, we see that we are changing as well.

We are living in a world where everything is more and more digital. We all have a mobile phone and we walk from one place to the next with our eyes glued to this little screen.

We communicate in bits and bytes instead of actually speaking to each other.

The personal contact behind our communication is disappearing. We are so focussed on our electronics that we barely see one another.

With this series, I would like to show you that in this digital society there is still place for human contact and a personal moment. Even on the street with a stranger.

Who doesn’t like to receive some attention? Who doesn’t like the acknowledgement that they exist?

By taking a picture I have tried to give a stranger a moment of attention and to show them that I did see them.

A smile given and received. A moment of personal contact that can do wonders for your mood for the rest of the day and doesn’t cost a thing.

Feel free to try it ….

The Smile of a Stranger