Arolla – Les Haudères

After a better night’s sleep I got up and enjoyed my breakfast before picking up my backpack again for another day of walking.

The next hotel was only located at a few hours walk from this one. I had decided to enjoy the day and not go up any of the other mountains but walk to Evolène and then back to the hotel in Les Haudères. (Tip: if you have the possibility to stay in Evolène, I would. There is a little more to see, do and eat than in Les Haudères. Also kilometre wise you can easily walk the distance and it gives you a nice start the next day to Becs de Bosson).

It was a nice stroll through the valley and here or there the trees were providing a cool shade which was a nice welcome after two full days under the full sun.

So far it had been great with the weather. Beautiful sunny skies and no clouds to be seen.

Although we are above the 2000 meter it was still warm and when hiking with a pack going up the mountains it sure still gets hot.

This afternoon I arrived early at the hotel. But it was good. I was bit tired and hot and still had walked about 18km today.

After a nice shower and a short nap I strolled around the village a little bit while taking some pictures.

For a minute I was thinking of taking a bus to Sion to have a look there, but I was getting too late and to be honest my feet agreed with staying near the hotel.

Giving them some rest after the last two and before the next two days will be good.

Of course I am here now and I have to enjoy it to the fullest. But going up the mountain tomorrow again while not fit is not an option. I want to realize where I am and what I am doing.  Not hiking on the auto pilot not absorbing the environment like sometimes today.

A nice relaxing afternoon was good. Time for dinner now.