Les Haudères – Becs de Bosson

Last night I stayed at the hotel in Les Haudères which was ok. Everything was in order and clean.

I had spent the afternoon relaxing and walking around the little village.

Today would be the day to go to Becs de Bosson, a cabin at 2985-meter altitude.

I started waking from Evolène and it went straight up hill. After some time, the best part (until then) came along. A wonderful hike through the forest. Perfect so I could make my climbing meters while enjoying the nice shade provided by the trees.

Although it was within the forest, it here or there went steep up hill. After all we had to get to nearly 3000 meters. The forest was again a different landscape I walked through. Loved it.

Every day I received a small picnic lunch to eat while on my way to the next location.

The one today was so so. And I got send off with a 33ml juice pack. Luckily I still had some small bottles left from the days before and I carried some water canteens.  You should never go on a hike with 20+ degrees with only 33ml juice pack. All food arrangements were great though. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just enjoy the hike.

When I got higher up the mountain I passed by L’A Vieille where I encountered a little oasis.  Angèle had a little bar here where you eat much better than what the hotels could send you on your way with.

There is also a possibility to fill up on water again. Had I only known, I would not have carried so much with me already.

I carried also lots water because I was going to a cabin way up high where everything is scarce.

I have to tell you, the way up here was a lot easier than going to the goats path 2 days earlier.

Of course it was higher and you could notice that in the energy level and breathing, but technical wise, this was like a nice stroll.

Feet by feet I was getting up the mountain, taking lots of small little breaks to catch my breath.

When I arrived nearly at the cabin the wind was stronger and some clouds appeared. The first ones of the week. The first time of the week to bring out my jacket.

I arrived well at the cabin where I was welcomed very friendly and shown to my place to sleep. Luckily it was not fully booked as this was a nearly shoulder to shoulder cabin style. Then again, it was only for 1 night and, which I learned later, I would not sleep anyway.

I could freshen up a little with the limited supply of water and then time to relax.

More and more people would join me to the cabin and before we knew there was a nice crowed.

Although I got there fairly early in the afternoon the place never got bored. There is so much to see and the skies are changing all the time making the scenery different.  I felt perfectly at home.

The dinner, like in most places here, was served at 19:00 hrs and was excellent. How did they do it… After all everything had to be brought up the mountain and it is not like having a supermarket right next door. The soup I ate was the best tasting dish I had during the entire trip.

Right after dinner we had to get out quickly to catch the sunset. Have you ever seen a sunset at 3000m? It was wonderful.

Quickly after that the lights went out and now I understand why the travel organisation had advised to bring a head light. The cabin has little power supply and it was pitch dark. Luckily the screen of a mobile phone provides you some light as well.

Time to try getting some sleep.