Becs de Bosson – Nax

After a night of barely any sleep I got up at 6:45. Just in time to see the sunrise over the mountains. A beautiful sight yet again that I did not wanted to miss this.

That I woke up in time was a miracle as I had slept only 4 hours or so.

It must have been the altitude of 3000 meters that caused most of us not to sleep. From sheer exhaustion I fell asleep at 2am or so.

We all went to bed early as it was getting dark at 21:30 or so and with the cabin not having lots of light, there was little or nothing else to do.

At 1am and still being awake I got up and looked outside. Whaow.  I had never seen so many stars. Magnificent. Where in the evening the skies were covered with clouds, now it was as clear as could be.

What else to do at 1am than taking pictures if you cannot sleep. I did not have a tripod with me but with what I had, I think I was able to get a few nice shots. Better.. you go up that mountain and see these views yourself. I can write 1000 words describing them, but nothing will come close to the actual experience itself. Worth the hike up there and if you do manage to sleep.. set your alarm.. you have to see this.

After the sunrise and the breakfast, it was time to strap on my backpack for the last day.

The drinking bottles were filled with a delicious tea and off I went.

Of course, everything that goes up has to come down, so me as well.

Almost the entire day it was downhill which at the end of the day killed my right knee. Left no problem, condition no problem but my right knee?!

When I finally arrived at the hotel I was happy to be able to take a shower and rest my legs.

One last night in the hotel before I took a two busses back to the first hotel where  had parked my car. Thanking the hotelier for his hospitality  and guarding my car, I took place behind the wheel again for a day of driving home.

If you are considering to walk this route? I can tell you…. you will love it. It is Switserland and higher up in the mountains so it does get steep once in a while. But with it is a great walk and you have the whole day to enjoy it.

I would say…. go.. book and feel free to let me know you think it.

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